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The Home of Goju.


The cycle of life continues, the old making way for the young, but like the Mitsu Tomoe symbol, it is the
continuous rotation and balance of the three Universal forces, Heaven, Earth and Man that brings all
things into balance. The energy of youth and the wisdom that comes from a long life, together, create the
forces needed to make and sustain a home. The Home of Goju is no longer in balance. There is
plenty of wisdom but not enough youth to create the cycle necessary to house to grow and prosper.

I have been the caretaker of the Home of Goju for a many years, however the time has come to pass on
this home to a new caretaker, someone who can add the youthful energy necessary to allow Gojukan
to regain its place as a leader in the Goju community.

Gojukan is not meant to be the name of a school, it is destined for greater things. It is an organization meant to
represent the home of Gojuryu. If you think you have the balance of energy and wisdom necessary to
allow Gojukan.com to thrive under your tutelage the write to with your offer.