Martial Arts Wisdom

Gojukan Martial Arts FAQ

What is karatedo?

Karate-do literally means "the way of the empty hand" referring to a weaponless system of self defence. At GoJukan, traditional goals of physical and mental training are compatible with modern ideals of fitness, recreation and friendship.

Who can train at GoJukan?

We believe everyone can try out this traditional form of self defence and martial art, and that different goals are well accommodated.

Is it safe?

Karate, when practiced correctly, is a very safe activity. One can expect a few bumps and bruises because it is, after all, karate. But injuries at GoJukan are very few and far between.

Do I have to take a belt exam?

Belt exams (rank grading) are required. Ranks (white belt, yellow belt, orange belt, green belt, blue belt, brown belt, and black belt) are a great way to mark progress in the art. When can I join?
Drop into any class. We look forward to meeting you. For the beginner, the best time to join is now.

Are there minimum age requirements?

The starting age depends on the child. While some do well at four years old we usually find five is the best starting age.

Is there a maximum starting age?

No matter what age you are exercise is beneficial. We've had people start karate in their mid to late 50's. If in doubt you should always check with your doctor. The most important thing to keep in mind when training is to pace yourself, listen to your body and train considering your physical strength.

Can I come to more than two class?

Sure you can. The most important thing to keep in mind is "Train Considering your Physical Strength".

Do I have to come to all the classes?

You can attend as few classes as you wish. Just remember that improvement is achieved through regular practice.

What do I wear?

Traditionally, karate students wear a white karate gi. How do I get a white karate gi?
They are available at any martial arts supply store or can be purchased from the club.

Do I have to compete in tournaments?

No, competition is purely voluntary.

Is it ok if I am a beginner?

Yes. This club is a beginner's club. Most people have no martial arts experience when they first walk through the door.