Martial Arts Wisdom

Dojo Guidelines

  • Please be sure your gi (uniform) and obi (belt) are in proper order before entering the dojo.

  • Please bow to Shomen (the front of the dojo) when entering or leaving the dojo.

  • If you arrive late for class please kneel at the entrance until the instructor invites you in.

  • If you need to leave early, please advise the instructor before the start of class or as soon as possible during class and wait for a pause in the training to bow out.

  • Please keep your finger and toe nails short. They can, however, be any

  • Please keep your gi clean and presentable. You should also check your gi and obi frequently during class to make sure it is in proper order (especially before bowing).

  • Please address the instructor(s) as Sensei during class and at all formal karate events.

  • There will be no kumite without the permission and presence of an instructor.

  • Please demonstrate courtesy, decorum, and respect regarding matters of race, religion, gender, and politics at all karate events.
    Thank you.

Dojo Kun

     Be humble and polite
Train considering your physical strength
Practice earnestly and with creativity
Be calm and swift
Take care of your health
Live a plain life
Do not be to proud or modest
Continue your training with patience