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The Clenched Fist Insignia

Clenched Fist

The clenched fist insignia was designed by Mr. Gogen Yamaguchi and first used in the early 1930's by the karate club he founded at Ritsumeikan University. The insignia was registered with the United States Patent Office on March 9, 1971 (Registration Number 909827) and is now the exclusive intellectual property of Mr. N. Gosei Yamaguchi, son of the late Gogen Yamaguchi and Chairman of Goju-Kai Karate-Do USA. Use of this design (or one that is confusingly similar) without Mr. Yamaguchi's permission is a violation of his rights and of United States law.

The rights to its use in Canada are owned by the IKGA, and its use is governed by similar Canadian statutes.