Martial Arts Wisdom

Dojo Kun

The Jundokan Dojo Kun

translated by Tetsunosuke Yasuda

Be mindful of your courtesy with humbleness.

Train yourself considering physical strength.

Study and contrive seriously.

Be calm in mind and swift in action.

Take care of yourself.

Live a plain and simple life.

Do not be too proud of yourself.

Continue training with patience and humbleness.

Jundokan International Dojo Kun

As displayed on the wall of the dojo of Sensei Teruo Chinen, in Spokane Washington. Sensei Chinen is the head of Jundokan International and was a student of Sensei Ei'ichi Miyazato at the Jundokan dojo. Changes in the translation are very minor.

Be humble and polite

Train considering your physical strength

Practice earnestly with creativity

Be calm and swift

Take care of your health

Live a plain life

Do not be too proud or modest

Continue your training with patience

Dojo Kun of Master Seikichi Toguchi

Shorei Kan Goju Ryu

Be always courteous and humble

Cultivate peaceful mind

Learn to be patient

Strive hard to be a better person

Try to develop your spirit and the techniques of Karate in the same level

Apply the principles of Karate in your daily life