Martial Arts Wisdom

Brian Alexander

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Sensei Brian Alexander began his training in karate in 1970 and trained for several years eventually earning his black belt. He studied with various Goju practitioners in Canada but it was not untill he met Teruo Chinen in 1994 that he truly began to understand true Okinawan Goju.

In addition to his training in Goju Ryu karate Brian also trained in Tai Chi and Chi Kung with Dr. Yang Jwing Ming and Akai Ju Jutsu.

For the last twenty years he has taught and studied traditional Okinawan karate and heads one of the longest running traditional Okinawan Gojuryu karate school in Ontario. Sensei Alexander takes a personal interest in each student and works to help each achieve their own training goals at their own pace.

Sensei Alexander believes that a true master of the martial arts should also be trained in healing techniques. He has studied Chi Kung, Reiki and other energy and body healing techniques and is a certified Level III master of Reiki. He is also a certified Neuro-Linguistic Counsellor and trainer and provides individual counselling services. Through Hamsa College he teaches courses on Interpersonal Relationship Skills, Human Engineering and Communication Skills, Hypnosis, Belief Systems and Health and other related topics. He is currently writing two books, Advanced Therapeutic Techniques in Neuro-Linguistics and Kidsmarts, Releasing the Genius within.