Martial Arts Wisdom

Eiko Miyazato

Contributed by Mike Jones

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Kaicho Miyazato Eiko Hanshi, Judan - Okinawa Gojuryu Karate Kenpo Renmei Gokenkan

I am decedent from Maezato Ranho Bushi,my grandfather, who passed down a style of Chinese Kenpo to my family (Kohoryu). I was born in 1915.

After learning my family style (now called Kohoryu), I began my study of Nahate under Juhatsu Kyoda Sensei, student of Higashionna Kanryo, teacher of Toonryu,in 1925 while in Normal School. One year later, I was introduced and began training with Chojun Miyagi Sensei in Gojuryu Karate-do. I trained in the day with Kyoda and in the night with Miyagi.

While attending The Shihan Gakko (teachers Collage) I began to study under the "sargent" Yabu, Kentsu in Suidi (Shurite), until 1937 when Yabu Sensei passed away. After this, I helped to secure a teaching position at the Shihan Gakko for Miyagi Sensei, and I continued a life long study of Gojuryu, under it's founder, Great GrandMaster, Miyagi, Chojun.

Placeholder ImageI also studied at the Kenkyukai, under the Sensei: Motobu, Choyu; Mabuni, Kenwa; Gokenki; Kyan, Chutoku; and Daiji,
Tang. I also had the honor to study with Motobu, Choki; Taira, Shinken; Nakimura, Shiguru; and Higa, Seiko.

My family has a long history with the Nakaima and Kojo families and we exchanged many karate techniques. I also spent six months of each year in Taiwan and China to study. In 1955, I open the Gokenkan (house of hard fist) and found the Gojuryu Karate Kenpo Renmei. In the Gokenkan I teach Gojuryu and my family style of Kohoryu.