Martial Arts Wisdom

Tetsuhiro Hokama

Tetsuhiro Hokama was born in Taiwan in 1944. He began training informally under his grandfather, Seiken Tokuyama, in 1952. He began training in Goju Ryu in 1961, under Seiko Higa at the Naha Commercial High School. After Higa Sensei's death in 1966, he trained under one of his senior students, Seiko Fukuchi. He also trained in Okinawan Kobudo under Shinpo Matayoshi.

In 1974, he became the director of the Okinawan High School Karate-Do Association, after establishing several karate clubs, and was awarded the title of Shihan in 1977. He was a technical advisor for the All-Japan Karate-Do Ken Yu Kai, and secretary for the All Okinawa Karate-Do Association.

Other accomplishments include Master's certification in calligraphy, authoring several books on karate and Okinawan culture, a research scholarship for the Okinawan Family Crest Study Group, a Master's degree in Okinawa's Mineral and Stone Research Association, and is President of the Nishihara Machi Cultural Association.

He currently heads the Okinawan Ken Shi Kai organization, with branches in Japan, South Africa, the USA and Canada. He also established and maintains the first prefectural museum dedicated to karate-do in Nishihara. He has received several honours around the world for his dedication to the art of karate-do.