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There are so many resources on the internet, and it's growing every day, that it's impossible to keep track. Even more impossible is trying to determine which resources are legitimate and offer something of value. Any resources I put on this page are carefully screened. While I can't say if any of the links will be of use to you I can tell you that all are legitimate sources of information. If you believe you can add a valuable contribution to this page please contact me to have your link included.


The Happy Alchemist

Resource: The Happy Alchemist

Magical, Mystical, Metaphysical, The Happy Alchemist is your one stop shop for everything new age. Our stock of over 5000 items includes magical supplies, dragon and fairy related items, an amazing line of jewelry and gemstones, posters, patches, statues and figurines, banners, flags, and pennants, as well as bells and besoms, herbal teas, tinctures, smoking blends, trinket boxes, and even an extensive selection of witty and thought provoking bumper stickers,

The God Matrix

Resource: The God Matrix

The God Matrix ...[does] a commendable job of weaving so many spiritual themes and insights into a pretty fluid "thriller." The message is a poignant one and the insights articulately delivered.... 
-Michou Landon, Media Reviewer, Mount Shasta Magazine

The Law of Attraction

Resource: Bryan Prince Bookseller
  • a wide selection of books for all ages
  • couteous, informed personal service
  • special ordering of any book in print


Resource: Exploring Life

There is no single formula for personal growth. We are all unique and so each person's path is different. Yet there are some commonalities that allow us to define a set of steps that are common to all. The steps, while common will be approached differently by each person.

The most common component is a willingness to change. Without this there is no growth. With that willingness you need an awareness You have to look at and deal with your own personal limitations, deal with your weaknesses and enhance your strengths.

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